Manifestation Manifesto by Charlotte Winters

Manifestation Manifesto

I will try to be the best version of myself. I will fall short. I will never stop trying.

I will eat and enjoy food. I deserve it. It’s okay for me to be loud, awkward, ugly, imperfect. It’s okay to take up space, time, resources. I am not unworthy of them. I am not a burden.

I won’t let me hold myself back. I do not have to accept ennui. Fulfilment is not out of reach. I will need help, and that’s okay. Needing help is not weakness.

Everything I need is within me. I will not depend on external validation. I can set and enforce boundaries. I can say no. I will not hold against myself the times that I didn’t.

I will not let the world make me bitter.

There is beauty in each day.

I will accept all the days the world offers me.

  • Charlotte Winters
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