Orkney Blide Trust Tote Bags for Sale

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Have you ever wanted to be as cool as Laura Gray?? Me too! Well, now's your chance!! We have just got in these fantastic new Orkney Blide Trust tote bags for sale! We are asking for a donation of £2 or more so we don't lose too much on them and are excited to see these strutting around the streets of Kirkwall! Just ask about them at reception!

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Created Date: 12-01-2023
Last Updated Date: 12-01-2023

If you use the JustGiving Fundraising button you can raise funds for the Blide without the hassle of working out how to transfer the money to us. You will be able to create a fundraising page (you may have to create an account), tell people what it is you are doing and JustGiving handle the donations!

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