The Befriending Service provides companionship for those affected by mental ill health who, whilst not requiring the services of a support worker, would benefit from the activity and company of a Befriender.

I’m glad I started volunteering as a befriender and I’ve been doing this for just over a year. It’s a rewarding experience for both myself and my befriendee who I know really appreciates the time we spend together.”

The Befriending Service provides a link bringing people together to provide opportunities to get out and enjoy activities that they would not attend alone. Typical trips may include shopping together; going to the cinema; sports activities; enjoying a cup of coffee in town; going for a walk; or it may simply be visiting someone in their home, having a chat… in other words, being a good companion.

Befriending relationships are mutually beneficial as the volunteer is contributing to their community as well as to an individual.

Befriending equals being a friend.

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  • If you are interested in befriending or having a befriender please contact us.Be a friend

If you use the JustGiving Fundraising button you can raise funds for the Blide without the hassle of working out how to transfer the money to us. You will be able to create a fundraising page (you may have to create an account), tell people what it is you are doing and JustGiving handle the donations!

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