Healthy Lives

Healthy Lives

At the Blide we believe that physical exercise benefits people’s well-being. In addition to the physical benefits of being active there are also the good things that come from being part of a group or team.

Our weekly sports sessions have included sports such as: Bowling, Raquet Ball, Table Tennis and Beachcombing

I was so chuffed as I never gave up but this has made me even more determined to get more involved into the sport, join the climbing club and to invest in my own gear.”

We also organise regular sessions where people can build on their team working skills or take part in more adventurous sports guided by an expert, for example, Cycling, Open Boating and Horse Trekking.

Overall it was a perfect day with hard and easy challenges.”







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If you use the JustGiving Fundraising button you can raise funds for the Blide without the hassle of working out how to transfer the money to us. You will be able to create a fundraising page (you may have to create an account), tell people what it is you are doing and JustGiving handle the donations!

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