Therapeutic Blide

Therapeutic Blide

A Therapeutic Community and support for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

The Blide provides a Therapeutic Community (TC) to complement our existing services and methods of supporting recovery.  We have learned from and incorporated aspects of the Clubhouse model that was the precursor for the Therapeutic Community service. 

The community focuses on complementary therapies or group activities such as crafts, creative writing, as well as providing meaningful tasks that help the Blide to function. Our members are involved in the design, planning and implementation of services within the community.

The TC is a planned environment that exploits the therapeutic value of social and group processes. In our experience, many people for several reasons become isolated when experiencing mental illness. This can be caused by the stigma that surrounds mental illness, fear and embarrassment about how others will react. A therapeutic community will welcome people without judgement, our primary concern is helping people to recover.

The main aim is for all members to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging, our latest survey shows 83% stated this was important to them. We provide a safe environment, in our own premises, where appropriate boundaries are in place and open and frank communication is encouraged about emotional and interpersonal issues. It is somewhere where people can have fun and build trusting relationships.

The Blide is a space where members can engage, learn through social interaction, reflect and develop awareness of interpersonal actions.

Starting on 1st July 2020, Orkney Blide Trust in partnership with the Scottish Government’s Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support fund is working with survivors of childhood abuse . The support will be provided for free through the Therapeutic Blide project. We are really grateful for the financial support being provided through the Scottish Government’s fund and for the on-going support facilitated by Inspiring Scotland.

We know people who have survived childhood abuse can experience mental health problems and even if they don’t they may still find themselves in need of the support we can provide, for example, someone who will listen to them. The Blide is very proud to be part of a network of 29 organisations across Scotland that are supporting survivors and this group has produced an emotive video advertising that support. You can find the video link here  #nevermoreneeded.

Opportunities for members in Therapeutic Blide

  • There are always therapeutic and creative activities and groups taking place, these are best found through our events calendar, or check out and sign up on the posters in the lobby on your way into the building 

If you use the JustGiving Fundraising button you can raise funds for the Blide without the hassle of working out how to transfer the money to us. You will be able to create a fundraising page (you may have to create an account), tell people what it is you are doing and JustGiving handle the donations!

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